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SweetSpot Labs

SweetSpot Labs is made by women, for women and is more than just pretty packaging and refreshing scents. It's about chemistry and a team of women who understand what women truly need. At SweetSpot Labs, we believe it;s all about you! When it comes time to taking care of your body, it's time to own it. We use beautiful natural ingredients to gently clean, hydrate and soften skin. We've got all of you covered, and we think that's pretty sweet.

Using Mother Nature's best ingredients, our formulas are gentle and pH balanced to clean and soften skin and hair. Our refreshing natural scents create a luxurious cleaning experience and are designed not to irritate. We left out drying alcohol, glycerin (a sugar based ingredient that yeast loves), and avoided harsh sulfates, synthetic cleansers, parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy and dairy that can throw off sweet spot's natural chemistry.

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