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Petals Bath Boutique Onyx Artisan Beard Oil (2 oz.)



Onyx artisan beard oil is made up of bright bergamot and basil with complementing earthy notes of Oakmoss and white Patchouli.

Artisan Blend Beard Oil is handcrafted in small batches using carefully chosen, beard specific oils that encourage healthy growth and skin while combating dryness and itchiness.

Fast absorbing for a healthy, non-greasy beard. 

2 oz. | 59 mL

Vegan. Alcohol & Paraben Free

Amber glass bottle provides UV protection for the natural oils.  Dropper Cap provides ease of use and dispensing control.


  1. Shake bottle.
  2. Dispense several drops into palms.  Rub palms together to warm oil.
  3. Massage into beard/mustache and into skin.
  4. Brush or comb beard to smooth.

*For best results, use on freshly washed face while beard is still damp and pores are still open.

Our beard oil is formulated to be lightweight and fast absorbing.  Start with just a few drops.  Use just enough for beard to shine and for skin to feel nourished.  If beard feels greasy or weighed down, you've used too much!

For External Use Only



  • Grapeseed Oil - promotes growth, combats beard dandruff and acne
  • Avocado Oil - lightweight, soothes, nourishes dry brittle hair
  • Argan Oil - hydrates, softens, adds shines
  • Golden Jojoba Oil - combats acne, antibacterial, facilitates growth
  • Hemp Seed Oil - high in vital mineral, slows cell damage, promotes growth
  • Neem Oil - controls dandruff, frizz, acne and dryness.  Promotes growth
  • Aloe Extract - nourishes, conditions and adds shine. promotes growth, controls dandruff, prevents itching, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal
  • Chamomile Extract - anti-bacterial, anti-fugal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, combats irritants, promotes growth
  • Calendula Extract - relieve dryness and chapping, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal. Combats acne, controls dandruff, promotes growth
  • Vitamin E - fights free radicals, repairs, promotes growth, anti-inflammatory 
  • Fragrance

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